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Bridge the Summer Gap with our 'Step Up' Learning Programme

This summer, Carfax Education are running a series of 'Step Up', and 'Master It' Programmes, to help children bridge the summer learning gap, gain new skills and ensure they are ready for the new school year or new education journey into higher education. The programmes are available on a 1-1 basis, to create a fully personalised two week schedule around your chosen subjects. Delivered by our leading team of tutors, you will have a fantastic opportunity to get a high quality, in-depth and focused understanding of your course. Keep reading to learn more about each programme.

Step Up Programme: This is perfect for pupils going into their GCSE and A Level years Years 8 - 11 (American & IB Curriculum) / Grade 9 - 12 (British Curriculum) Master It Programme: For those about to embark on the journey of university, our 'Master It' Programme enables students to gain a further understanding of how their subject translates from A-Levels to University level. Year 12 (American & IB Curriculum) / Year 13 (British Curriculum) Available Subjects Both Programmes offer lessons in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics

  • Science: Biology, Physics, and Chemistry

  • English

  • English Literature

  • History

  • Business

  • Languages: French, Spanish, English (EFL)

  • Theatre

Personalised Programmes

The programme is fully personalised, on a 1-1 basis with our leading team of tutors. The student can select upto x4 key topics to study over the two week course. For example, if you a child that aspires to be a chemical engineer, you might want to study maths, chemistry, and physics - we create the programme around your interests and passion. For more information For more information, including tutor profiles, and a programme brochure, please call us on +971 4438 5276 or email to learn more.


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