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Dawn of the new Oxbridge

Oxbridge has long been seen as the domain of Private school pupils and the elite, however, in the last few years that has been drastically reversed.

Last week saw the ambitious hopefuls of Oxbridge receive their notifications of how the interview stage went and whether or not they had an offer to one of the top universities in the UK. Whilst Cambridge has not released their data surrounding applications yet, Oxford has been very forthcoming with demonstrating quite how much their ethos and applications have changed in the last few years.

When we look at Oxford offer and admission statistics from 2000, 20 years prior, we can see that an overwhelming percentage of offers and applicants were selected from classically affluent areas with a higher concentration of private schools, such as the South East, London and the South West. Alternatively, the more working class areas with the lowest percentage of private schools, Northern Ireland and the North, saw themselves get the least amount of offers and admissions to Oxford.

In the last few years there has been a surge for Oxford and Cambridge to admit pupils from a variety of backgrounds to increase their diversity, with some even calling for poor students with BCC to be offered a place alongside the typical offer of A*A*A* or AAA, in order to boost opportunities for all backgrounds to study at the top universities regardless of income. This new focus on contextual A Levels and diversity creates a strong foundation for Oxbridge going forward of a university that is open to all, dependent on grades alone.

As a result, this year saw a record breaking two State school pupils offered a place for every Privately educated pupil. A huge 69% of all offers went to State school students, the first time in Oxford's 900 year history that this number has been double that of the Private school offers.

They have also increased their overseas student offers, creating a truly diverse university.

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