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How to support your child's learning at home

Supporting your child’s learning will help shape their social, emotional and physical development, so they can thrive in school and beyond.

It’s important to build on the foundations of a family-school partnership, as it enriches a child’s learning and helps them achieve academic success. As a parent, you can reinforce a love for learning and allow your child to expand on their learning opportunities.

Carl Morris, the Principal of Carfax College and Head of Carfax Tutors shares his top 10 tips for parents to support their child’s learning outside the classroom:

1. Provide a productive space at home for homework;

2. Always praise your child’s learning, big or small;

3. Talk each day with your child about his/her activities at home;

4. Tap into free learning resources - the online platform Twinkl or your local library;

5. Promote daily literacy by reading with/to your child;

6. Check on assignments, homework and projects;

7. Set up a daily family routine, and healthy sleeping habits;

8. Always attend parent-teacher meetings to discuss your child’s development;

9. Limit and monitor TV, social media and computer gaming time;

10. Together with your child, set expectations and review them regularly

Last but not least, Carl highlights the importance of actively supporting your child in their education journey, "Demonstrate to your children the value of education – it’s one of the most important ways a parent can encourage their learning. Remember that children learn through play and curiosity, an enriching opportunity for parents to teach their child beyond the traditional learning methods and enjoy the time spent together."


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