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Making the best of Summer for your University Application

Summer allows students to relax, travel and enjoy time with family and friends, following months of study, learnings, and extracurricular activities. It's also a fantastic and valuable opportunity to prepare for your future academic goals. With University application deadline only a few months away, it's important for prospective University students to maximise this time out of the classroom, and build a competitive personal profile. In this article, we explore a variety of summer activities and programmes that are enriching and noteworthy - the kind that will make admission officers notice your application.

Get Involved in Research Experience in academic research during secondary school is highly impressive to colleges and universities. Not only will it support your application, it also hones your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, developing your personal profile. Carry out some online research around the topics that support your study of interest, and discover the institutions and foundations that have current research projects. Make a list of the academics leading the project, and start reaching out to them to communicate your interest and learn more. Ambitious students in this circumstance are seen not as annoyances, but as enterprising—you’ll be surprised how much this reflects initiative and passion. Additionally, consider leveraging personal contacts and school teachers, as they may have personal connections with local Universities and programmes that offer summer research internships. Take an Online Course An online course allows you to study wherever you are, arranging your studies around your Summer travel plans and itinerary. Online learning is designed around independent learning, and many academic courses are streamed directly from top universities, where quality isn't compromised. With a plethora of subjects ranging from Computer Science to Medicine, you get to participate in live teaching and lectures from Oxford University, Harvard University and other prestigious Universities. Join students from all over the globe to master your subject, gain clarity about your future and prepare for a changing world – all while experiencing inspirational and meticulous teaching.

Complete a Summer Internship Adding hands-on experience to your personal statement will immediately reflect your interests and passion to any addmissions officer. The Summer break offers the perfect opportunity to complete an internship that is best aligned with your academic interests, skills, and academic aspirations. Is writing your thing? A journalism internship might be the perfect fit. Is science your passion? You could study specimens in a lab or analyze geographical features in a national park. If you are unsure where to start, there are dedicated providers who specialise in internship programs, that help secondary school pupils find the right experience and develop their skills for University and future career. Carfax Education have recently partnered with I Love Mondays to offer expert career guidance, mentorship, and internships to our clients and pupils.

Make your own Independent Project This is a great way to expand your knowledge, harness your interests, and boost your University application. Making your own project is an excellent way to explore an areas of study that interests you, and develop valuable connections. Whatsmore, it will make a positive impression on admissions officers, as it reflects determination, energy and passion to pursue an independent project. Tip: Engage your creative writing skills and submit your work to journals that publish secondary school pupils - if your project is published, that’s a stellar achievement to mention in your personal statement.

Volunteer in the Community Responsible volunteering makes a positive impact with local communities, and has plenty of benefits for volunteers too; it helps you to broadens your views, understand critical issues. and develop your soft skills. Furthermore, volunteering can offer an experience like no other, and presents ample opportunity to network with the volunteer organisation’s staff members, as well as other volunteers and local people. There are many ways to maximize your summer break and enhance your personal profile in preparation for the next chapter of your education. Small gains made over the next few weeks can really add up. The end result is not only a more compelling University application, but also a more experienced and productive person.


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