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Online Tuition:

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Whilst there has always been a demand for private tuition, with the advent of new technologies, online tuition has made tuition accessible to a wider and more remote audience. The drivers behind why families seek tutoring are varied; some are unhappy with large class sizes; others want to consolidate their children’s learning with one to one teaching; some families are looking for some remedial support, whilst others are seeking extension opportunities. Tuition, however it is delivered, can have a multitude of advantages in supporting a child’s education journey. But what are the pros and cons to consider with online tuition?

Personalised learning with experts from across the globe:

The main advantage of private tuition is the personalised learning that comes with being taught in a one to one situation. Whether in person or online, good tutors put in the time and effort to ensure that each lesson is tailored to that individual child, working with their learning style.

Tutors are not teachers, therefore, they can have a slightly different relationship with the student, one that is more informal; they work alongside their students rather than ‘in front’ of them. This works equally well on-line as long as both parties can see each other and read the body language. This bespoke learning is often lost in a large classroom environment.

With online tuition you can access expert tutors from around the world at times to suit your child. This opens up a whole range of subjects and tutoring options that may not be available in person. Whether you are seeking LNAT or IELTS prep, or want help with a Psychology assignment or Further Maths support, we can find you an expert in the field!

For tutoring to work both online and in person, it is very important to find someone you ‘click with’. This can often be easier to identify when you are working with someone in person, but we find that online tutoring works extremely well if students have already had a chance to meet face to face before they start remote learning. Although, that is clearly not always possible in which case expert advice or recommendations from trusted sources can ensure a positive experience.

It is always important to work with a reputable agency to find online tutoring to ensure that the tutors are properly qualified in their subject and have been vetted and DBS checked for appropriate safeguarding of children. Always feel free to ask for references and testimonials from previous clients before you commit to long term online tutoring.

Flexibility: Any time, any place, anywhere:

A huge benefit of online tuition is that it can be done anywhere, any time and any place. Lessons can be arranged to fit in around the child’s schedule, which in some cases means lessons can be timed for when children feel most awake and engaged.

It also allows tutoring to take place in a quiet corner, in the comfort of a student's own home, and minimises travel time. This flexibility really suits families who travel extensively, and is one of the top reasons families request online lessons.

If you are using online tutors in a different country then you will need to factor in time zones when making arrangements - make sure that the classes are flagged in the calendar with the appropriate time zone! When a tutor is turning up at your home, it is hard to forget you have booked a class but online tutoring can slip the mind more easily. It is helpful to have an adult around when the online tutoring is taking place to keep an eye on the student and make sure that they are genuinely engaging with the lesson.

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Teaching resources and options:

Online tuition offers a world of options and flexibility. Advancements in online technology, means that remote lessons can be as useful and engaging as one-to-one, in many circumstances. From interactive white boards, to sharing videos and online resources, online tuition can simulate an interactive learning environment and can genuinely engage a student.

It is important that the online tutor uses resources wisely to really ensure the student is joining in with the lesson – the disadvantage of not being in the same room as the tutor means it is harder to manage any behavioral issues or lack of concentration or disengagement, but the most experienced tutors have a number of effective techniques to overcome this.

It is important that parents are involved in supporting the online tutor by making sure there are no distractions and that mobile phones are firmly put away!

Private tuition, both online and in person, should be a personalised learning experience which enhances your child’s education journey and supports them to meet their academic potential. There are benefits to both online and personal tuition, and you should assess how your child works best and consider variables such as time and travel which will allow you to make the best decision between online and personal tuition.


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