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Private Tutors in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

With expert tutors based in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Carfax Tutors is one of the leading private tutoring organisations in the UAE, fully licenced by the KHDA. Uniquely, Carfax Education employs professional tutors from the world's leading Universities, to deliver quality lessons from expert academic mentors, and develop bespoke learning programmes, designed to unlock every pupil's potential. Find out more about our approach to professional tutoring.

Why choose Carfax Tutors?

We have a dedicated team of academic professionals and tutors, with a proven track record in the entrance and national exams. Our approach helps young adults and children to foster intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning to facilitate discoveries beyond the curriculum. We employ a qualified team of full-time tutors (based in Dubai & Abu Dhabi), to offer personalised learning and accommodate in-person lessons at our tuition centre in Knowledge Village, online, or at home. Our tutors come from Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities, and complete a rigorous training programme with our academic team to ensure we deliver a tutoring philosophy that guarantees results. Finding the right tutor for your Child Tutors are seen as some of the most influential adults in childrens' lives, and can significantly change a child’s viewpoint on their education. Not only will a tutor provide academic enrichment and development, they inspire a love for learning, curiosity and joy in a child's path to greater knowledge.

But, how do you find a good tutor? More importantly, how do you find the right tutor for your child? We strongly believe that the choice of tutor is always the most important factor in a successful lesson. When you request a tutor through Carfax Tutors, our Director of Studies will spend a significant amount of time learning about your child, their circumstances and requirements. We take pride in our deep understanding of the unique strengths possessed by each tutor, guaranteeing that we present you with the most exceptional tutor tailored to meet your specific needs. Testimonials “3 hours of one-to-one tuition with Carfax is like 1 week in school, we learn so much!” "We are delighted with our son's results, and hugely impressed by his personal growth and the amount of self-discovery he has achieved. Carfax Tutors are a big part of that - Thank you."

Get in Touch To learn more about Carfax Tutors, or to book a lesson, please click here.


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