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Spear's 500 Live: Finding the right 'academic fit' is key to securing your child's future

This month, we had the honour of presenting at the Spear's 500 Live event, hosted by Spear's - an award winning wealth management and luxury lifestyle magazine. Fiona McKenzie, Head of Education at Carfax Education delivered a keynote session on 'How to choose the right school for your child – and then secure a place’, to a distinguished audience of HNWs and their advisers at the Carlton Tower Jumeirah in Knightsbridge.

"There is a right school for each individual child, and it depends on not only their educational interests but who their peers are too, McKenzie said. ‘It’s the social effects that will actually be much more important to the child, the children they will learn alongside, people who they’d share a room with, play in a team with and make friends with,’ she said."

To learn more from the session, please click here.


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