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The Benefits of One-to-One Online Tuition:

Parents and students turn to one-to-one online tuition for a multitude of reasons, but for some, until recently, it has been an unfamiliar concept. Will it work? Will my child be engaged? Are the tutors as good online? Here, Carfax Education shares some of the benefits based on their long experience of delivering online one-to-one tuition and highlights why online tuition can be a great option.

Personalised Tuition:

Online tuition does not diminish the personalised aspect of tutoring, it simply reinforces those personal aspects with the additional help of online technology. Our experienced tutors can develop a personalised learning programme and lessons to suit each child and their preferred method of study. With this individual focus, a child can deepen their understanding of what they are learning, in their own time frame. They have a chance to catch up on the curriculum or race ahead or try something new. The increased focus one-to-one tuition promotes, allows Carfax Tutors to dedicate time and effort to ensure that each child can meet their academic goals.

Freedom to ask questions:

Much like face-to-face, online tuition with a tutor, gives a student a safe and encouraging environment to ask all their questions. These may be questions helping them understand concepts they did not grasp in school, or queries which help develop a curiosity about subjects beyond the curriculum. With our online classroom set up, students can post questions to their tutors at any time during or after lessons. With one-to-one tutors, online and in person, no question is out of bounds!

Time flexibility:

Often, the difficulty with one-to-one tuition is finding a time which suits both your favourite tutor and your busy schedules! Online tuition increases the available time frame for tuition and cuts down travel time! With our tutors based across global offices, it means wherever you are in the world there can be a tutor ready and waiting online.

Technology can improve learning:

Our tutors love online tuition as it gives them a variety of teaching options. Using a dedicated technology platform means each pupil can have their own classroom with an interactive white board, the opportunity to share screens, and access online resources. This allows our tutors to engage their students in innovative and creative ways. Lessons can be recorded to be watched again later and can be turned into transcripts so students can search for the topic they want later for revision. Parents love it too as they can monitor their child’s progress in real time.

Perfect for independent minds:

Students really enjoy the independence that one-to-one tutoring brings; they can take ownership of their work and direct their learning in partnership with their tutor so they can work on the topics they choose. The online notebook we use reinforces this learning. Students fill in this notebook whilst studying, and our tutors can then review this, see any troublesome topics, and focus on this in their teaching. This independence encourages pupils to develop plans for their workload, learn to prioritise what is important to them and take pride in their work.

Work at your pace:

For many, the benefit of one-to-one online tuition, is the ability to work at the student’s pace. If a student is progressing beyond their curriculum, one-to-one online tuition gives them a space to extend their learning and develop new subjects. For those who are struggling with school pace, one-to-one tuition provides the time and help needed to ensure understanding is met.

A space for understanding revision and study techniques:

Our tutors, over the years, have developed a bank of excellent and varied revision tips and techniques which are really effective delivered via online tutoring as tutors can send files or online resources to their students during time outside of lessons, these can then be edited by both student and tutor to try out different revision and study skill techniques. These revision materials can be compiled into handouts for future reference

Carfax Tutors have always offered online tuition, as both a useful alternative for those struggling with time constraints, and as a way of extending and consolidating a student’s learning. We find online tuition can work as seamlessly as face to face tuition with all the personable aspects of one to one tuition and bespoke learning but delivered in a time frame and location convenient for each pupil.

All of our tutors and lessons are supported by our College in Oxford.

For more information on online lessons, to book or meet our tutors, call us now on +971 4 438 5276, email, or visit:


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