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The Benefits of Private Tuition & Education Assistance, during Relocation

Updated: May 24, 2022

At Carfax Education, we are only too aware of the challenges associated with relocating to a new area, especially for children; it can be a complex task, full of decision. making and planning.

However, if managed well, it offers a wealth of opportunities and opens children's eyes to new cultures and societies that can create a positive impact for the rest of their lives.

This is why we are so pro-active in our approach to relocation support. In this article, we share the key areas of support that we provide to relocating families:

Entrance exam preparation

When you are applying for a new school, you are almost certain to encounter entrance exams. These often test students on material they have may have forgotten or may not have yet covered. Many of our tutors have been through entrance exams themselves, and are well experienced in student mentorship. We focus on helping each child understand the format of the exams, look at exam techniques, and do a review of the top skills and content schools will be looking at, such as verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Our tutors also provide interview preparation sessions, that can help students present their strengths and personalities to admissions teams. The practice, reassurance and guidance give children the confidence to navigate their way through an intimidating process - It is often invaluable to those going attending an interview for the first time.

Bridging the gap in curriculums

Often children coming from one curriculum to another, find gaps in foundations, topics and skills. No curriculum covers the same content in the same order. For example, American curriculum schools will dedicate a year to each of the sciences, whereas the British curriculum follows all sciences in parallel to each other. Other subjects' content, such as History, can create a big knowledge gap.

Often subjects build on foundations, just like building blocks. Having an experienced tutor that has taught across curriculums can identify any gaps, and ensure these gaps are filled, to give your child equal footing going into a new school.

Similarly, if you are moving to a new school mid-school year, within the same curriculum, schools can learn different topics in different orders, and at different stages of the academic year. Therefore, children can often miss vital modules of a subject.

Carfax Tutors work alongside schools to support and ensure that children transition smoothly, receive the best support system, and ensure all content that should be covered, is covered.

English proficiency

Many countries with a large expat community will create an environment where there is no clear common language, so English needs to be made a priority.

When moving to a new country and school, children may need a little extra support with their English proficiency. Where english is not a child's first language, their written and verbal english skills might be assessed during the admissions process - this is either a mandatory school requirement or used as good measure.

Carfax tailors English language classes around each pupil's needs, to ensure they have the language skills and vocabulary to get around school and participate in classes.


Moving to a new environment, especially during formative years, can be a stressful experience for pupils. Our tutors provide mentorship, by building great rapport with their pupils - helping them feel supported and lending an ear or giving advice when needed.

Our tutors are role models to their pupils and can be there to support and guide them through turbulent times.

For more information about our relocation support services, please contact


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