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UCAS Clearing 2023: A Riviera Student’s Guide to UK University Admission

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

For aspiring students along the Monaco and Riviera coast, the UK higher education landscape offers unique opportunities. With UCAS Clearing playing a pivotal role in last-minute UK university admissions, it is essential to be well-versed in the process.

What is UCAS Clearing?

UCAS Clearing serves as a bridge for Monaco and Riviera students without confirmed offers to universities that still have course vacancies.

Why should students consider Clearing?

Clearing might be your route if:

- Your firm (CF) or insurance (CI) UK university choices didn't materialize.

- You chose to decline your initial offer, opting for self-release to navigate Clearing.

- Your application was post the 30th of June deadline.

Clearing Insights for Monaco and Riviera Students:

1. Identify Relevant Courses

Revisit your top 5 UK university choices for any available spots. Explore alternative courses at your top-choice university.

2. Create a contingency list

Make a list of other universities and courses beyond your fist and second choices that match your interests and long-term goals.

3. Master the Clearing process nuances

UK universities differ from each other in their Clearing protocols. Familiarize yourself with their processes in advance. Have your UCAS ID and Clearing number ready when contacting universities.

4. Direct communication is key

After the results are announced, prioritize calling over emailing. UK universities anticipate calls from international students and are prepared to guide you.

5. Prepare for mini-Interviews

Consider these calls as mini-interviews. Be ready to describe your academic journey so far, to discuss your interest in the courses you want to study, and to analyze any exam result shortcomings.

6. Make notes of the call

Record all essential information from your interactions – names, conversations, and commitments.

7. Decide carefully

Scrutinize all Clearing offers, keeping their deadlines in mind. You are not obliged to accept the first offer you receive.

8. Updating UCAS Clearing

Once you are ready to accept an offer from a university, add it to your UCAS Clearing. Once it is updated on the UCAS portal, you will have a 24-hour window to confirm your decision.

9. Rethinking choices

If you have a confirmed offer from one of your original choices but want to change to a course you found through Clearing, use the 'self-release' function. Ensure you have firm offer from a Clearing choice before doing so, as once released you will not be able to reclaim your original offer.

Did not secure a university place through Clearing?

Remain optimistic, as there alternate routes forward:

1. Exam resits

Evaluate retaking some of your exams or switching subjects. With focused tuition or self-study, you may improve your results significantly. You can prepare for exam retakes with Carfax tutors in Monaco, on the Riviera, or online as well as at Carfax College in Oxford, where we run specialized A level retake courses.

2. Gap Year

Take time to reassess your aspirations. A fruitfully spent gap year can amplify your subsequent applications. You can even combine it with retaking some of your exams.

3. Diverse Career Avenues

University might not be the sole avenue. You can get an apprenticeships or go into foundational job roles in your field of interest.

Regardless of the results, your journey from Monaco and the Riviera to the academic hubs of the UK remains filled with potential. Sometimes, detours lead to the most beautiful destinations.

Need tailored advice?

Navigating UK university admissions from Monaco or the Riviera? Reach out to Carfax Education Monaco for specialized guidance on the UK university application process from our expert education consultants.


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