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An alternative pathway?

University of London's International Foundation Programme

With many students worrying about their ‘covid’ exam results and whether it is going to be safe or wise to start at a university in another part of the world, we have been looking for alternatives that would allow a student to study in the UAE for a year and still be prepared for entry to the UK or US this time next year. We talked to Mehrunnisa Wazirali, the co-ordinator for the University of London International Foundation programme, which is offered via the PwC Academy here in Dubai.

Mehrunissa explained:

“Traditionally, A Levels and the IB qualifications have been regarded as the best route to get to a good University. However, this is changing over time, with new pathways opening up to allow students from different learning backgrounds to access top universities with International Foundation Programmes.”

In 2013, the University of London in the UK created a new programme that would allow students to take a non-traditional route to University. Hence, the International Foundation Programme (IFP) was created. IFP is a Level 3 programme which serves as a great substitute for A levels and IB. It focuses on the key modules you will need for your future degree and prepares you specifically for that pathway. It also teaches academic English skills so that when you start your degree you will already know how to produce top quality work.

IFP is a pathway that allows students of all levels to participate in hope of a better future. Students who have completed IFP have gone on to study at some of the top universities, like London School of Economics, Berkley, Columbia University, King's College London and many more around the world.

To find out more about the University of London's International Foundation Programme and other alternative pathways in the UAE, please contact us at or on +971 4 438 5276


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