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What is the role of an Education Consultant?

The education you choose for your child can be life-changing. So it’s no surprise that many parents, faced with such a significant, emotional decision, seek professional guidance and advice from independent experts.

The role of an education consultant is to support and guide parents, families, and businesses through the journey of education, and ensure they make informed decisions, that in turn, improve educational outcomes. Every child is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ education solution, so a personal consultant will take time to understand the family’s aspirations, to get to know each child and build a clear picture of their aptitudes in order to gauge the right learning environment. An education consultant has a well established international network of contacts at Schools and Universities, to ensure they are up to date with the latest developments, and truly understand the unique qualities and aspects of each institution. Developing a wealth of knowledge and a true understanding of the education landscape, will allow a consultant to find the best match for a child’s skills, interests and talents.

Here at Carfax Education, our core goal is to help families access the very best in education. We have a leading, team of international education consultants who advise on the right school or university choices and then work with the family to ensure they are in a position to choose the best environment for their child. From school and university selection and shortlisting, to registration and admission support, our consultants act as an advisor, mentor and guide for you and your family - every step of the way. Our Success Stories We have some wonderful testimonials to share with you: "I just want to thank you for your guidance so far, I was informed every step of the process. The school visits were brilliant and everything was well planned. So thank you very much." School Placement Client. "I’m beyond grateful for your tremendous support with my personal statement and the application process for University." University Application Client "Thank you for all the help with my personal statement and everything that went around the process of applying to medical Universities. I received my grades, and wanted to share the news that I met St. Andrews conditions." University Application Client Learn More School Placement services: click here. University Preparation services: click here. Guardianship: click here. Academic Assessment: click here. Contact Us Click here to contact Carfax Education today.


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